Care & Cleaning


KamadoSpace Table

To Protect

Keep the unit protected under the roof, KamadoSpace cover, or other suitable material. KamadoSpace cover is a must if you live near the sea. This will prevent any salt build-up in the moving parts of the island. Damage due to excessive water is not covered by the warranty.

To Maintain

The bolts on the wheels and bottom panels can loosen up due to vibrations. Make sure to check them after the first 24 hours of use and then regularly every month or every time the table was moved. IMPORTANT: Place wooden blocks under the table when checking the wheels, to avoid any injuries.

Minor scratches on the paint can be fixed by heating up the affected spot using a hair dryer and wiping it with a clean cloth.

To Clean

Do not worry if you see any rust stains on the stainless steel. They might appear as a result of iron splashing on the parts during the production process. Use stainless steel polisher and a sponge for any rust stains you may notice.

You may also need to remove salt build-up if you reside in a location near the sea or the ocean.

Regularly clean the accessory drawers and other surfaces using warm water and dishwashing soap or other kitchen cleaning products.

DO NOT use a power washer, other abrasive tools or heavy-duty chemicals to clean the Table.

Edge Grain Cutting Board

To Protect

When not in use make sure to keep the cutting board in doors as wood is a porous material, prolonged exposure to water will cause its fibers to expand and crack. We recommend applying mineral oil regularly to all surfaces. Be generous in the amount of oil, let it soak in to the wood, and then wipe off the excess.

To Clean

Use warm soapy water. Do not leave the board submerged in water. Allow the cutting board to air dry or pat dry with a kitchen towel. If you need to sanitize the board, spray white vinegar on the board.

To Remove Odor & Stains

Pores in the wooden cutting board can harbor unpleasant sour or mold – like smells. To eliminate these odors or stains, mix a cup of baking powder and a cup of white vinegar to create an oxidizing agent and apply it with a cloth. Allow the solution to sit and sink in to the cutting board for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Light/Extreme Cover

Dry flat

Do not tumble dry

Water temperature 30°C

Hand wash only

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Cover stain removal guide

Beer, urine, food colouringUse 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water and 90ml of white vinegar
Berries, bloodUse 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water and 120ml of ammonia
ChocolateUse 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water and 120 -240ml of ammonia
Tomato sauce, tea, latex paint (while still wet)Use 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water
Butter, motor oil, chewing gum, nail polish, oilUse 100% acetone
Coal, pencil marksUse vacuum cleaner and after wash with 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water
CoffeeUse gentle dishwashing liquid, water, vinegar
InkUse paint removal (100 proc.) and 100% acetone, soap and water
MouldUse 250ml of liquid bleach, 60ml of gentle detergent and 4l of water
WineUse 60ml of gentle dishwashing liquid, 4l of water and 120 -240ml of ammonia and 90ml of white vinegar