most frequent questions and answers

We have already measured the most popular and commonly used Kamado grills, and matched them with the worktops we recommend for those models. You can view the list here.

If you are unable to locate your Kamado grill model on our website, it means that we never got a chance to measure it ourselves. As this is the case, we cannot advise which worktop would be the best fit.

However, it does not mean that we are unable to offer a KamadoSpace Island that would fit the grill you own.

Please see attached measurement chart below, which you can fill in and forward to us at support@kamadospace.com . You may also request your supplier to provide the required measurements, so that we could assist you in choosing the right worktop.

Grill dimensions for KamadoSpace Island PDF

KamadoSpace products can only be purchased through our partners. You can check out our dealers here.

We do not offer a customization service for our products. However, we are planning to introduce more units in the future, so that everyone would find a suitable match for their outdoor kitchen needs.

Unlike solid wood, HPL is zero maintenance material, easy to clean and all weather-proof. It is also a really good choice if you do not have a covered deck.

Yes, of course. If you decide to change your Kamado grill in the future, you will certainly be able to order a new worktop directly from one of our partners.

Yes, both of the covers we offer are waterproof.

KamadoSpace cover Light is made of 100% polyester fabric, covered with a waterproof polyurethane layer. It extends your KamadoSpace table durability by protecting it from sun and rain. While, KamadoSpace cover Extreme is made of a breathable American Sunbrella® Plus fabric that is resistant to UV rays, water, and snow.

We offer 3D animated tutorial as well as a PDF file, and other useful videos on how to assemble KamadoSpace Infinite Island. You can find all of the material by clicking here. We also include paper instructions with every KamadoSpace Infinite Island purchase.

The following tools are needed: a rubber hammer, a crosshead screwdriver, an 8mm allen key & a 4mm allen key as well as 2 x 10mm spanners. No power tools are required.

You can register your KamadoSpace purchase by clicking here and filling in the required fields. Once the registration is completed, we will send you a warranty certificate via e-mail.

The Serial Number can be located on the left side of the middle left panel. If the island was not assembled yet and you still have it in flat boxes, it will be indicated on the white sticker, either on base box no. 2 or base box no. 5.

You can definitely touch and continue using the worktop safely when the grill is fired on. It was tested many times to ensure the table is practical and safe.

Firstly, please make sure that the table is being assembled on a flat surface. Secondly, that all of the frame corners are at 90° angle. Following these steps ensure that the bottom panels align with the frame.

The drawers of your KamadoSpace Island may need additional adjustment to make sure they sit right. Depending on the situation you may need to adjust them horizontally or vertically.

For horizontal adjustment – turn the grey gears on the orange Blum railing mechanisms until the drawer lines up to your liking.

For vertical adjustment – adjust the back of the railing where the metal hook is.

If the issue persists, we suggest taking a look at the PDF assembly manual, which can be found by clicking here. Pages 54-60 contain instructions and tips on how to assemble and install the middle drawers.