⚠ Make sure to follow the assembly instructions.
⚠ It is recommended to use gloves when assembling or moving the unit, to avoid injuring the fingers.
⚠ Exercise caution when handling the unit. DO NOT transport it to another location without removing the grill first.
⚠ It is recommended to use our stretchers to lift the grill into the table.
⚠ Engage the brakes when the table is not being moved.
⚠ Regularly check all nuts, screws and bolts to make sure they are tight and secure. IMPORTANT: Place wooden blocks under the table when checking the wheels, to avoid any injuries.
⚠ Ensure the metal runners are not in contact with water, grease or other liquids.
⚠ Keep the unit protected under the roof, KamadoSpace cover or other suitable material. Damage due to excessive water is not covered by the warranty.
⚠ Use stainless steel polisher and a sponge for any rust stains you may notice. It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaning tools.
⚠ DO NOT use pressure washer on the unit.
⚠ You may need to remove salt build-up if you reside in a location near the sea, or the ocean.